The course fee covers participation in lectures and group exercises, course notes and other materials.

*ESTIV members benefit from a single €50 reduction.

Registration before 31 December 2021 Registration after 31 December 2021
Academia* €850 €950
Industry* €1150 €1350

Registration for the ESTIV 2022 will open in November 2021.

Complaint procedure

Complaints will be handled confidentially by all parties. This means that the parties only exchange information about the complaint between themselves until the ESTIV board or the complaint’s commissioner or committee has made a decision on how to resolve the complaint. Parties will not share or publish any information with a third party before a decision is made (i.e. via social media).

Reporting of a complaint
The complainant personally reports his/her complaint to the teacher or ESTIV board. Complaints need to be reported within one month after the circumstances or situation occurred. Reporting of a complaint can be done in writing, by email or telephone to the ESTIV managing secretary.
ESTIV address: Regentenland 35, 3994TZ, Houten, The Netherlands
ESTIV managing secretary: Denisa Svátková
Telephone: +420 725 778 126

For further details on the Complaints procedure, please read the Complaint procedure manual