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ESTIV organizes free webinars on a monthly basis together with the American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology (ASCCT). These webinars cover a broad spectrum of topics relevant to the fields of in vitro and in silico toxicology. ESTIV members are welcome to propose topics and speakers at any time. All webinars are recorded, archived and available for ESTIV members.

Upcoming Webinars – 2019

The pros and cons of 3D in vitro cultures of liver fibrosis by Leo van Grunsven, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

4 November; 4:00 pm CET

Archived Webinars – 2019

Archived videos of past webinars are available to ASCCT membersContact the ASCCT Secretary for more information or to suggest a topic for a future webinar.

Translational challenges in in vitro nephrotoxicity models by Roos Masereeuw, Div. Pharmacology, Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences, Utrecht, The Netherlands. 22 October; 4:00 pm CET

Developmental neurotoxicity evaluation: on the road to regulatory acceptance by Prof. Ellen Fritsche (Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine-Germany) on Wednesday August 28 at 10:00 AM US ET/4:00 PM CET:

Nerve-on-a-chip platform for assessing chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy by Dr. Lowry Curley (AxoSim Inc.) on Tuesday September 17 at 11:00 AM US ET/5:00 PM CET:

Using Quantitative Systems Toxicology (QST): Improving the safety of drugs while reducing animal testing (July 2019) Presenter: Paul B. Watkins, M.D., University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

GARD™air – An in vitro assay to test for respiratory sensitizers using genomic biomarkers and machine learning (June 2019) Presenter: Joshua Schmidt, SenzaGen Inc., USA Co-author: Andy Forreryd, SenzaGen AB, Lund, Sweden

EPA computational tools (May 2019)
The CompTox Chemicals Dashboard and Generalized Read Across
Presenters: Antony Williams and Grace Patlewicz, EPA

Automated and Integrated Analysis Workflow for Adverse Outcome Pathway Identification, Hypothesis Generation and Risk Assessment (April 2019) Presenters:
Noffisat O. Oki (1) and Tatyana Doktorova (2)
1Edelweiss Connect Inc, Durham, NC, USA
2Edelweiss Connect Gmbh, Basel, Switzerland

Advancing tools for predictive toxicology (March 2019) Title: Establishment of bile duct tubular structure mimicking the intrahepatic bile duct morphogenesis for an in vitro bile recovery
Presenters: Astia Rizki-­‐Safitri, Marie Shinohara, Minoru Tanaka, and Yasuyuki Sakai

Title: Generation of recombinant human anti-diphtheria toxin neutralizing antibody to replace equine sera
Presenters: Esther Wenzel, Paul Stickings, Jeffrey Brown, Thea Sesardic, Androulla Efstratiou, Michael Hust

Title: Development and Use of Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP) Networks to Support Assessment of Organ Level Effects
Presenters: Nicoleta Spinu, Mark TD Cronin, Steven J. Enoch, and Judith C Madden

Combining biological and computational approaches (February 2019) Presenter 1: Daniel Russo, Rutgers University
Title: Developing Mechanism-Based Animal Toxicity Models: A Chemocentric Approach Using Big Data

Presenter 2: Sudin Bhattacharya, Michigan State University
Title: Integrating Genomics and Epigenomics into Predictive Toxicology of the AH Receptor

Nanoceramic pulmonary toxicity & reproducible cell line technology (January 2019)

Award Winners Series: Nanoceramic pulmonary toxicity & reproducible cell line technology
Jan 23, 2019 10:00 AM EST

Presenter 1: Maria João Bessa, PhD candidate, Portuguese National Institute of Health
Title: Pairwise toxicity evaluation of ceramic nanoparticles exposure in human alveolar epithelial A549 cells at submerged and air-liquid cultures

Presenter 2: Tom Wahlicht, PhD, InSCREENeX GmbH
Title: Reproducible in vitro toxicology testing using functional immortalized cells