ESTIV Congress

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and after lengthy and thoughtful deliberation, the ESTIV board has decided to postpone the 21st international congress of the European Society of Toxicology In Vitro (ESTIV2020), scheduled to take in Spain to 21-25 November 2022. This decision reflects public health concerns and acknowledges the restrictions on organising large meetings and limitation of international travels. The board also took into consideration the postponement of the World Congress on Alternatives from 2020 to 2021.

If you have already submitted abstracts for the ESTIV 2020 congress, then these will be kept valid for the new date and your registration will be rolled over to the new date also. We are, of course, determined to prepare an attractive, up-to-date scientific programme, and will be taking steps to ensure implementation of the emerging topics such as the role of in vitro and in silico approaches in the COVID-19 research.

We express our thanks to all sponsors, who decided to maintain their support of the ESTIV congress despite the postponement to the year 2022. The Organising and the Scientific committees of the ESTIV 2022 Congress are continuing working together to preparing an exciting congress in Barcelona in 2022.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Dr. Helena Kanďárová
ESTIV President and Chair of the Organising Committee of the ESTIV 2022 congress

Dr. Joao Barroso
ESTIV Vice-President and Chair of the Scientific Committee of the ESTIV 2022 congress